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Full Version: Attachments in Mods Section
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This is a little annoyance I have about the MyBB Mods site. I notice that when you click on a preview / attachment from a theme or plugin, the image is loaded in the same screen. Would it be possible to get attachments to be a target="_Blank" or even better, a lightbox preview? I always seem to close the attachment window then forget what I'm looking at.

Just a little suggestion,
Jordan. Heart
I think a lightbox preview would be awesome personally. But, who knows that may already be part of the new mod site that has been talked about for so long now Toungue.
That's something I noticed before too, but didn't thought to Report it. I agree with Jordan to have a light box would be good.
thats why i never use LMB to click on any link. I ALWAYS use open in new tab on any website. xP

Temporarily, there's no harm in adding target="_Blank" in the actual mod site IMO
(2011-06-09, 06:36 PM)Nayar Wrote: [ -> ]thats why i never use LMB to click on any link. I ALWAYS use open in new tab on any website. xP

I do the same thing Toungue. Besides there is usually more to the page you're on. So just open the link and finish reading the page I'm on before looking at it. Or, for like the news I'll just open all the stories that look interesting to me.
+1 for this idea. Frustrating to me at times.
Middle clicking requires no extra effort..
On a laptop, yes it does.
(2011-06-12, 11:49 PM)Jordan Lovelle Wrote: [ -> ]On a laptop, yes it does.


Right click
Open in new tab
Sure, but I'm saying, it'd be more efficient to have it either open in a new tab already or have a lightbox installed on there.