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Today, I'm offering some volunteers Beta Testers for my . The main duty for them and how to apply is as follows;

The Main Duty:
- The main duty for the users belong to this group would be to test our Free plugins. (Premium Plugins are not included in their testing)
- After testing, they would've to Post the bugs or suggestions (using the respective Prefixes) in the prescribed forums.
- They should have to test the Free plugins with different conditions. Using local computers OR live servers. (Big or Small forums are not necessary)

Who Can Apply ?
- Basically every one is allowed to apply.
- Basic knowledge of MyBB is necessary.
- The tester should have to know what they are reporting or what they are suggesting.
- Good communication skills and Fair English grammar.
- Currently I'm offering only 5 positions for this Rank.
- Atleast 15 years of age. Its not mandatory though.

Who Cannot Apply ?
-'s Staff is not allowed to apply (They are already in the team Toungue)
-'s Premium users are not allowed to apply. (But Registered "normal" users are allowed)

How to Apply:
If you think you meet the criteria, then please use the following Per-forma;
[b]My Name[/b]: 
[b]My Age[/b]: 
[b]My Knowledge About MyBB[/b]: (Please select) Minimal, Fair, Good, Advanced, Guru.
[b]Why I want to Join?[/b]: 
After filling the required fields, please PM me the per-forma either on or on .

- Beta testers would be included in the's staff and show their Username on showteam page.
- Have ability to polish their skills with's team.
- Have Bold Username.
- Have a Custom badge: [Image: beta-tester.gif]
- Have Unmetered Attachment Quota.
- Ability to view some Private forums and features.

--- and much more Wink

Thank You for reading.
Offer is still available.
Why is age important besides some may not want to disclose their age.
Its not mandatory though.
Still looking..
Well I'm actually interested in BETA testing something. I'll drop a message by you.
What's your username at my site ?
I'm interested Yaldaram.
Sure pm me your request in my forum. Smile
(07-04-2011, 06:22 PM)Yaldaram Wrote: [ -> ]Sure pm me your request in my forum. Smile

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