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Full Version: Problems With Smilies
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hi guys on my forum, when i want to post a thread, i cant use my smilies, for example when i click on them, they just come as their names like "cry" not the actual emotion, how can i fix this guys Rolleyes
When you post your thread, you should see the smileys.. Wink
i understand, but when i post it i only see, for example "cry" just the name of it, not the emotion Sad
Have you uploaded all the images?
yes im running it on my computer, self-hosted
Please give us a link to your forum.
I see them here. ->
Although I can't see if I see them on new thread since I'm not registered.
login with
They work as they should here, they do not display as an image in the text area since it is not an WYSIWYG editor, although it will change when you post.
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