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Hi, I just noticed we no longer can delete our own posts. Why is that?
(2011-06-09, 06:04 PM)faviouz Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, I just noticed we no longer can delete our own posts. Why is that?

Why do you need delete somethingExclamation? Toungue

I don't know but it's a stupid post I'm sure you can request to have it deleted.
Not be able to delete your own posts makes you think twice before posting something useless i think.
We disabled it in the support forums because people were deleting posts and reposting them to circumvent the 24 hour no bumping rule. I don't know if it's been intentionally disabled anywhere else though.
I wouldn't mind it in General Discussions, sometimes chrome lags and posts are relavent.
It was disabled globally because it causes problems in a number of forums, for example in R/S/J and Showcase, where people were trying to hide their bumps.

I might consider bringing it back and just limiting it to the forums where it isn't a problem, but in general I think it would be best if users just edited their post and corrected themselves if they discover they made a mistake, rather than just removing their post entirely because it can make threads hard to follow if that happens.

If you really need it deleted you can always report it and staff will usually delete it at your request.
Fair enough, not a big issue honestly. I was just wondering why. Smile