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Full Version: Hello
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Check my website English verzion Bosnian verzion

Pick any and chk it tnx !
This forums is suppost to be a showcase for user's forums running MyBB. I cannot find a MyBB on your site. It that correct?
I asked the admin (Chris) to give me permission to modify his code to make it for MyBB also but I didn't get response yet, as soon as I get response I will add MyBB. By the way I translated MyBB into bosnian you can download it from

Dude, if it isn't MyBB yet, don't post it.
Wait until it is.

Also, tip for you. DON'T POST WITHOUT PERMISSION, even though you've asked, the right thing to do would be wait until you get an answer.
Dude I didn't ask permission for posting or translating the forum into my native langue, so just mind your own business ok man ? Don't tip me and stuff!