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Full Version: Who is reading the thread Right now?
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How can I add a Plugin onto the forums that shows what users are reading what threads, Like I am reading This and I want to see who else is reading it.

How to do this?
It's default functionality it 1.6, scroll to the bottom of the thread and you should see User(s) browsing this thread: AJS, 7 Guest(s)
No It is not there.

I can send your a screenshot if you like?
ACP >> Configuration >> Settings >> Show Thread Options >> Users Browsing this Thread

Make sure that's set to Yes.

Also, check {$usersbrowsing} is in the showthread template.
Okay I found the issue {$usersbrowsing} is not under Showthread template, So where should I place it. So I don't destroy anything.
Before {$footer}

What's your URL? If that's missing then your theme probably isn't 1.6 compatible.
Fixed, The Theme is 1.6 Compatible because I got it from here. Smile
(06-10-2011, 09:28 PM)Abandon Wrote: [ -> ]Fixed, The Theme is 1.6 Compatible because I got it from here. Smile

That doesn't mean it's 1.6 compatible Smile There majority of themes on the mod site were designed for 1.4, which will work on 1.6 too, but they are missing some variables here and there.
The Site I got the theme from, only has 1.6x Compatible themes.