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Full Version: Mark This Forum Read
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Just wondering if "Mark This Forum Read" and "Mark All Forums Read" are both fixable with the same solution. My only worry is it'll mark all the forums read and not just the selected one if I apply the "Mark All Forums Read" fix to this problem.
Why would you think it would do that...?? Undecided What 'fix' are you referring to exactly?? The post key thing for the authorization code mismatch error?? You just need to add the post code bit to the end, not change any part of the URL, just add an extra bit to the end, it won't change what it does.
What problem do you have? That you get "Authorization code mismatch" error?

In template 'forumdisplay_threadlist', search for:
and change it to:

In 'index_boardstats', search for:
and change to: