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Full Version: What Plugins are these??
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There are 3 Plugins On this image that I have been trying to find.

What Plugin is it where it shows total Threads, Posts and Latest Thread made in the forum. Also what Plugin shows all the sub forums.

Here is an a Image.
[Image: Whats.jpg]
Um, that doesn't even look MyBB software.
Well I would like to have such plugin, it would make it easier for members to see each sub forums without going into the main forum
If you aren't using MyBB software, then we can't help you.
Yes I am using Mybb software.

But I was looking to see if there was a plugin like this for Mybb.
Okay, (that is one weird looking format you got there in that screenshot then) I'm not really sure if there is a plugin for your matter though. If there isn't, then you could request a plugin from this forum.
Oh those aren't my forums, I found that on someone else's I was wondering if there is a plugin already made or not.
Its already default MyBB feature, isn't it? MyBB shows sub forums, and the latest thread and all, there are many plugins for it.
That isn't a plugin mate. Those are just sub forums Smile