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Full Version: [Complete]Paid mybb theme/integration
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20$ through Paypal for anyone who can make theme as in the attached. Will pay after i see demo. I have already paid to lot of members in mybb community. So i m trustable.

Also Looking for people with perfect English fluency and grammar to write attractive promotional content with my keywords(for two of my websites).(i will give you the samples) Can pay 5$ for this if i like.

I can help with the promotional content if you would like. We have dealt recently together Big Grin
Sent you a PM.
Are you still looking for someone to do the promotional message?
Sent PM. Still looking for template and promotional text.
This theme isn't difficult if you have the images for the header..
Do you have them ?
header is theme of my website. i want the forum to look in same theme as my website.
I can do this and have it done by morning.
I could do this in a few hours.. if you still need it done let me know.
I believe that required header modification is done Smile
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