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Full Version: -- NEW LOOK!
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I have an all-new look for my site, and I wanted to know what people thought of it because I designed it all myself:

Please give me allot of reviews so I can improve!
I'm getting DNS errors. Rolleyes
Works just fine...hmmmm?
Works fine here as well Wink
Well I don't really like pages _that_ small but okey, seems good though, I like the icons. Smile
you need a few more pixels on the left side of your entry (or entrytext, whichever you used) and the header could use some more attention (i feel it's kinda bland and blocky).

OK, now I can access it. Good job, Chris. Smile
I think it's nice, is a bit small but I like small sites so long as they aren't way too small.
alright, nice but where is the forum powered by mybb in there?