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Full Version: Largest Nintendo Wii Community uses MyBB!
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First of all, I'd like to thank everyone here for helping so much with code modifications and general support. You have all been great in helping me get this forum off the ground.

When I started the forum, I was searching for a forum software to use. Every forum I've ever been a member of used vB, so I strongly considered it. However, I'm a big fan of open source software, and I stumbled upon MyBB. The description seemed promising, so I gave it a try. It has been quite easy to use, and aside from a few features not yet implimented, it has been great to work with.

While we are in the midst of a major reorganization (placing more emphasis on our news portal, any integrated news manager?), a major theme redesign (please send suggestions or we can pay someone for an impressive custom theme!), and shopping for a VPS or dedicated host (let me know some good ones), I'd like you all to see what we've accomplished in less than 6 weeks.

So far we are around 550 members, with over 15000 page views daily (and growing FAST).

We are currently using a red version of the default theme, with buttons borrowed from a public downloadable theme that did not fit our needs (but we liked the buttons!)

If anyone would like to join, you are welcome to come chat with us. We are even holding a Wii Giveaway on release to a randomly selected member! Seems like since we have offered it, every Wii community around is as well.

Please let me know of ANY feedback you have, as it will only help us improve!
very very very nice!!! great job Smile
Congrats on a good start for your forums. Are you a vgamin members btw?
No, but I'm looking into that now. Thanks!
I went digging around. 30 pages of users! Sweet. :p It's looking good.

I'm currently designing a Zelda website template that I'm going to be releasing around the time of Wii and Zelda (I could release it now as it's almost finished). I'll probably make a MyBB theme out of it.
Nicely done for only installing last month! Smile
Thanks guys! 600 members and no cheating (unregistered has full access to the board/gallery/etc).

As you can read above, I'm trying to do several things at once, so any help will be appreciated and can be compensated!
I think ithe place looks nice good job with it.
Ya.... Especially The New Template!!!!!!
Quick question.

What is up with all of the Wii sites all of a sudden?

I've notice a big jump in the amounts of sites of that type. Toungue