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Full Version: Change the destination table for users
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I want to change the place where members information is sent to in the sql database. Right now it is in "Users", but I want to change it to accounts. How would I change this so that when users register, the information gets "sent" to accounts instead of user?
So you want to rename the mybb_users table to mybb_accounts?

Renaming it is easy, but the MyBB code refers to the users table in multiple files, which you'd need to edit. But why do you want to edit this in the first place?
Because I have a maplestory private server, and I want to set it up so that when users register on the forums, they are also registering for the server.
There's no point in even attempting this. You'll have to make hundreds of files edits, edit every plugin you use that uses the users table, and make all these changes every time you upgrade MyBB. Just write a plugin that adds the user to the accounts table too, that's a far more obvious solution than trying to do this.
Are there any existing plugins for this because I have no idea on how to do this.