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Full Version: That Ultimate Host - For Sale
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Hello Guys,

Sometime i bought 'That Ultimate Host' off a member here on the MyBB Community with all intentions of creating a Hosting Business. Well unfortunately due to a lot of time constraints i am unable to work on this or start it up at all.

So, i am selling it.

What is included?
- domain registered with Namecheap. Free Push and expires on 07/25/2012 or 25/07/2012 (depending on how you look at it)
- WHMCS Theme
- Wordpress Theme
- MyBB Theme
- php Web Page
- Wordpress Database Backup
- MyBB Database Backup
- WHMCS Database Backup
- All Backups i have.
- All Files and images i have

Not sure what the backups contain, but i have them.

I am willing to negotiate pricing. But i am looking for around $50 or so. Please feel free to PM me for info.

You can see the php based web pages at

Payment is only available via PayPal.

~ Bump ~