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Full Version: [Hiring] Graphics Artist
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I am looking to work with a graphics artist and hope to build a long-lasting partnership. Basically we enter grahpics contests which are mainly logo designs in the hopes of being selected the winner. Now these are high paying jobs, usually $50+. So basically I would be in charge of finding offers for you and handling everything else in between. All I ask is for 20%.

Now you may be wondering why do I need this guy? Simple answer is connections. I've made a reputation for myself so people are more willing to trust me over some new guy.

Once again I would like to stress that these are professional offers and not the random five dollar logo requests that you see here. Basically of we want to make money, your work has to be good. Leave the PR to me Smile
I am still looking for one more person. Please pm me if you are interested. This is a perfect opportunity to make some money over the summer