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Full Version: How to dissallow non member to see a link?
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I want to restrict Guest of the form so that they can't able to download files from my forum. I dont want to upload attachments as I have limited space. all I want to show the guest a image of download button with a url of file , but when he clicks on it, the forum must redirect the Guest to registration page.

Just make it compatible to MyBB 1.6, by opening the plugin file, and changing compatibility from 14* to 16*
Edit : posted thru Quick Reply ; didn't see kavin's response

you have to restrict the guests from viewing links..

try this plug-in : hide code from selected groups
I want to show them Images but not allow to download them , one more thing is that, the Image is also in [img] tag, i.e image is also a url
You can only Stop them from Seeing links until a certain amount of posts or stop them from seeing links until they reply to the thread. Either or will work fine. So Try these two.

Links on Post v0.1 - By Yaldaram

No Links Allowed v0.4 - By Yaldaram

These are made by Yaldaram not me, Thank him.
by using hide code from selected groups , you can hide only URL mycode ; IMG code should be shown as usual

image code is used like this :
Why hide the Code itself when he wants to hide only Images. He never said the Use of images
hmm., I understand that this is what OP requires :
Thanks for your help! but i want to perform the same thing as it happen to attachments when a guest wants to download them.
but by this method:-

[Image: timeandattendancesoftware.png]

Guest are allowed to see that image, but when they click on it to download file, the page navigates to registration form
^ well, I can actually do it for you if required. its a simple thing Smile
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