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Full Version: MyBB Websites being defaced
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Just posting this to let you know that MyBB 1.6 has a major exploit that is allowing this new hacker group called "The Defaced" to completely rip apart your forum. They're starting campaigns against various people taking down their forums.

These are a list of websites that have fallen victim to this hacker group;

My website was one of the unfortunate victims of these series of defaces. My forum didn't use any plugins that contained vulnerability cause I didn't use any.
your site URL please.. what is the reason for breaking of your site ?
man thats terrible
Hmm. MyBB team should look into this. Although not all the sites mentioned there are ran by MyBB, as far as i know.
this issue has been already discussed AND closed by supporting team..
why my forum on 1.6.3 is safe or not
(2011-06-20, 01:47 PM)Azeem Wrote: [ -> ]why my forum on 1.6.3 is safe or not

I guess not bcos i got my forum defaced too running on lattest version...
This is all because of a war against Labrocca, so all sites using plugins and stuff or anything related to mybb central/hackforums in any way will involve you in this mass deface.
Shoot, this is bad news. If they can take down MyBBCentral they can take down them all.

Off-topic; Why do all the popular hacker groups have Twitter accounts?
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