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Full Version: replacing the content of postbit_multiquote?
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i'm changing the graphic of my site and i was wondering how i could change the "multiquote button" in the postbit templates.
i made the css class "button" and i'm substituting the images with a simple link.

just to make you understand: I changed this:
<a href="newreply.php?tid={$tid}&amp;pid={$post['pid']}"><img src="{$theme['imglangdir']}/postbit_quote.gif" alt="{$lang->postbit_quote}" title="{$lang->postbit_quote}" /></a>
with this:
<span id="button">
<a href="newreply.php?tid={$tid}&amp;pid={$post['pid']}" alt="{$lang->postbit_quote}" title="{$lang->postbit_quote}" />Quota</a>

as you can see, i replaced the image with a code (the "span").

the problem is that i don't know how to change the postbit multiquote template, because there's a short java script in it. can you help me to solve this?

thank you in advance Smile
You could also just overwrite the current image in the images folder?
ok, but if the mouse goes over the image, it doesn't change; while all the other buttons replaced with the class "button" do.
then, everytime i change the class "button" just a bit, i have to make the multiquote button's image again.

isn't there a way to simply change the javascript in the multiquote template in order to avoid all these hassles?
Can you provide your url.
Do you still have this problem.
If so, give me a demo user. Can't understand the language, so it is hard to make one. Then I will check it out for you.
yes, i still have this problem ._.
in the bottom left of any page of my site, you can switch language from italian to english.
and... what do you mean for "demo user"...?
I just add an image/icon:

<a href="javascript:Thread.multiQuote({$post['pid']});" style="display: none;" id="multiquote_link_{$post['pid']}"><img src="{$theme['imglangdir']}/postbit_multiquote.gif" alt="{$lang->postbit_multiquote}" title="{$lang->postbit_multiquote}" id="multiquote_{$post['pid']}" /></a>
<script type="text/javascript">
	$('multiquote_link_{$post['pid']}').style.display = '';
// -->

no ok... this is not what i want... Smile
i'm replacying the images with simple words.
for example, the image that shows the button "reply" is no longer an image in my site. i wrote the WORD "reply" in the templates, so that now it is a word.

i'm trying to do the same with the multiquote button, but the javascript in that template doesn't work fine if i change the image (of the button) wih a word.
Yah, that's why I said. I Put an icon, just a small one for it to work Big Grin
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