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Full Version: MyBB Hacked Sites
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Recently a few threads were started about some of my websites that were defaced. I'm posting here because I feel this is a community issue since many of my sites such as MyBB Central and are well known and frequently visited. Plus I want to squelch rumors.

These sites are run on shared hosting environments. They were exploited by very old and unpatched MyBB sites I ran on the host. As far as I know there is no 0-day MyBB exploit. Otherwise HF would be down. It's certainly the bigger target.

So I'm just posting this so people are not alarmed that a few of my sites are down and defaced. All is well. I have backups and already SF is back online. I'll have MyBB Central back up soon enough too.

Thanks everyone for your concern.
Thanks for the clarification Labrocca.

Just as yet another reminder to everyone, please make sure you keep your boards up to date: