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Full Version: Warnings?
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I know at one point I had warnings, but now I can't find anything in my UserCP. Have they gone missing from the users eye?
They hid them, they thought it would help. Imo its stupid. It makes me wonder how much i can troll. Then i just do it anyways wondering if its a perma.
Yeah, I sorta trolled, but I don't know if my warnings still exist or not and last I checked I was in deep ****.
Its that kind of mindset that we want to dispel, when users can see their warning points they feel they can troll/break the rules until they are on the brink of banning then they tone it down and follow the rules until the warnings expire, then repeat the cycle.
Exactly, we hid them because we only really use the warning system to record incidents now. If you do something which we feel warrants it then we will ban you, regardless of your warning level.

The important thing is that you take note of directions or warnings given to you by staff regarding your conduct, if you do this then you don't need to worry about being banned.