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Full Version: User management plugin request
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Was hoping there was an EASY PLUGIN someone could make for me that makes it easier for me to revoke certain privileges than put them in their own user group. Like maybe a User Permissions in addition to group permissions? I want to be able to turn the abilities below on/off for users. Preferably, I want the same options for Users individually that I get for groups. It is such a pain to give a user his/her own group just because they can't behave with a certain privilege yet you don't want to suspend them.

*Can send PMs
*Avatars (all avatar functions)
*Can give reputations to users
*Can post polls
*Can vote on polls

P.S. Must be a plugin requiring no modification of code or screwing around with the database on my part as I am retarded in those areas.
This would be useful... A per-user setting(s) so you wouldn't have to put each person in a certain usergroup to disallow them privileges...

I think this would be a valid addition as well...I've found myself with the same problem.

I also think this could be integrated with better group/user control all together. The group system as it is now is ok...but could be designed a bit better to provide less menu hopping and more streamlined information.
Great, if only somebody would make this for me. Everyone could use this.
Any idea who could and would make this for me? I really NEED this desperately, its a good idea everyone could use, and I can't make it because I am php and mysql retarded!!
It would involve a lot of code changes to most of the pages of MyBB, so I don't think it should go in "Code Modifications". This should really be moved to "Suggestions" for the new versions.

I'm for this idea. It would be great to have more control over users abilities.
I see what you're saying but, I'M SCARED AS HELL TO UPGRADE because I'm afraid I might screw something up and I will lose everything. When I desperately need to upgrade, I might have it professionally done if I can. I just hope somebody can make the plugin I'm requesting and will do it.
Just backup your entire database onto your PC, and if things go wrong, you can just install a new version of MyBB then upload the backup.
Yeah. I just hope someone's up for a challenge and makes the plugin for me. Here's what I don't get about what you said about "if things go wrong, you can just install a new version of MyBB then upload the backup.", when you install myBB, you have to point it to a clean database so it can insert the tables. Do I supply the database whos backup I have on my system? Or do I create a new database and upload the back up to it after installation of myBB. I'm really confused.

1) Backup your database into a file on your PC.
2) Do the upgrade.
3) If the upgrade goes wrong, delete the tables in phpmyadmin and run the MyBB installer again under the same database name.
4) Once installed, simply delete all the installed tables, and upload your backup.

It worked for me when my forum changed hosts.

Make sure you don't delete any files off the ftp when you upgrade. Simply upload the "install" directory again, as well as the config.php and the settings.php to the "inc" directory, overwriting the existing ones.
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