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Full Version: Template Variables ?
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I've made myself a basic plugin for MyBB. I looked into hooks but it's not quite what I wanted.

How do you make them {$mybb->something} to add the in templates?
I'm entirely sure what search for so it's probably something really stupid.

In my plugins function I tell try telling it assign something new to the $mybb array but it don't work.

I've seen the Facebook Connect tell me to add {$fbconnect} where ever I want in any of my templates.

How would be able to make say {$robert1995} be usable in all of my Templates.

the block which can be used in other templates is defined thru global templates

this plug-in might help for general modifications for your own site : global-templates

for plug-ins :
if you look at a shoutbox plug-in code then you can get the required method..