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Full Version: Moving forum etc. til new host?
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I have move my forum and databases to new hosting. How do i do that?

Hello there, export your database as explained here.
Install a new MyBB on the other host, with the images you used to have on the 1st board.
After you have installed the board and imported the exported database, edit ./inc/config.php & inc/settings.php to suit the imported database details.

Your done./
Im sorry, but i cant see the urlSad What do you mean by image?
OK, here is the link you need to read:

Next, install MyBB again on the new hosting, and upload the entire "images" folder from your previous forum.
ok, thanks. Ill give it a trySmile
You'll also need to restore [Wiki: Database_Restore] (Broken link, head over to instead) the database to your new host.

Make sure that your inc/settings.php from your old board also replace the default settings.php.
fixed my post lol with the missing url Toungue

anyway DrPoodle what you have said isn't complete.

Well theoretically you don't need to install MyBB again. As long as you have uploaded the MyBB files (don't need /install/) and you restore the database and the inc/config.php and inc/settings.php (updated with new info), MyBB should run as before.
That means you don't have permissions to do that.
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