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Full Version: Password Problem :(
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First of , I am sorry for my Bad English.

I had got vbulletin forum.I converted this forum to Phpbb, and converted it to MyBB.

But , the system doesn't accept any user in MyBB, than i click forgot password link , than take a new password.
And I access in forum , but other users doesn't access forum, they must take a new password Sad

What can i do Sad

I doesn't do anything Sad

Help me please !
It's possible that the transfer from vbulletin to phpbb to mybb lost the correct "salt" code for the password. Can your users actually get their passwords reset through the lost password feature, or are they getting errors?

If they can get their passwords back, just alert them all that they will need to reset their passwords to log in.
I think you should mass-email your users and just tell them to get a new password. vB, phpBB and MyBB all use different types of password hashing. As far as I know, vB and MyBB use different types of salted MD5 passwords (not sure about vB) and phpBB uses plain MD5.
Thank you for answer DrPoodle
But the members are lazy Big Grin
I think they don't click forget password again Confused

Any ideas ?
If the members are too lazy to change their password they shouldn't be members Toungue
Well, if they're too lazy and you want to do it yourself, just give them all new passwords and e-mail it to them. That could take a while though Smile
That could be a useful plugin if you ever wanted to reset everyone's passwords for whatever reason...It'll be simple as well...I might make it...
It is wonderful idea, but i think go to vbulletin again Sad

Perhaps, VBulletin to Mybb Converter is making, i will convert my database to mybb , because i hadn't got vbulletin licence Big Grin

I love Mybb but i dont be with it SadSadSadSad
When ( What time ) the VBulletin to Mybb ( One-on-One ) making?

I am sorry for my bad english Sad