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Full Version: 75 members, 1,443 posts, 327 threads - Hosting & Domain Included (paid for 8 months+)
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I'm selling my site ( I simply don't have time for it, I'm running a web hosting company, I've got many paidtopost jobs to do, and now that I've finished at college, I'll have 10x more time, meaning I should get through paidtopost campaigns much quicker.

Anything over $15 is great
- 75 members.
- 1,443 posts.
- 327 threads.
- Hosting. (Hosting = Unlimited Shared hosting from
- Domain. (
- Hosting & Domain registered at same place (SiteGround), roughly 8 or 9 months left, not sure exactly.

It may seem like a lot for that amount of content, but you get everything that's shown above. Hosting, domain, full ownership and that long period of hosting, you could buy a domain and transfer it to the account and have paid hosting for a cheap price.

I accept PayPal and AlertPay, but I'd rather get the money to PayPal.

PM me / post if you're interested.


Is this all in one deal or would you just sale the database 2?
(06-28-2011, 04:16 PM)Noreturn Wrote: [ -> ]Is this all in one deal or would you just sale the database 2?

All in one.
i will pay you the $15 for it.
$16 from me.
$20 from me now
Thanks for your interest everyone, I'm going to go with the highest bidder of $20 from jswebco.

22 $ ?
$30 from me.
32$ from me
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