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Full Version: Mapserver anyone?
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It's a Web GIS Hosting (Mapserver Hosting) user-to-user support as well as Mapserver forum, support bilingiual posting (English and Bahasa Indonesia)

you can find it at
Looks very nice. Great colors and custom buttons.
Good work. Smile
thx jedk
basicly its just a default template with color modification and i try to follow rules from xhtml, css and 508

as an addition i use this plugins/mods for the looks/experience, credits also for the developer
  • vb navbar (very obvious isn't it)
  • quick edit, i like this ajax based plugins, and i removed the original edit buttons
  • count forum viewer
  • downloads, i removed the 'must login' part so guest user can view it
  • welcome message
  • mouse over thread preview, actually i prefer 'inlne thread popups' but it doesn't work on thread with [ list] in it