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Full Version: Logo of the forum [header]
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Hi there,

Is there a way to edit the logo of my forum without editing the main container with it?

I mean my container background color is white, this bg includes also the bg of my logo. But I have a transparent logo and I dont want the bg of my logo white.

So I would like to have ONLY a transparent logo without the white bg but I cannot find the solution of this because the logo of the forum is included in global.css #container ;/

Can someone can help me?
ACP > Themes > Your theme > and Add URL of your .png logo in Board URL option field.
Edit : not seen Yaldaram's response Smile

you can change the background color of container. or you can remove the logo url
from global.css AND add it directly on header template with required background ...

site URL and your exact requirement will help us to suggest a better idea !!
Im working on my localhost so no url.

Abviously u dont understand what I ment...

I will explain again:

1. My logo is transparent saved as PNG. I added the url of the logo on my acp on theme.
2. The problem is that the logo showed is no transparent as I want because in global.css my container background is WHITE because the container include the header of the logo.. U understand now?

When I removed the background color of the container, all white color disappeared... I still want a bg color for my container but I dont want the white color on my logo bg

U understand now?


Transparent Logo with background in container:

[Image: 15598481.jpg]

#container {
	width: 950px;
        background: url(images/black/parchment_tile.jpg) repeat;	
        color: #000000;
	border: none;

Transparent Logo without background in container:

[Image: 11081917.jpg]
#container {
	width: 950px;	
        color: #000000;
	border: none;

All I want is something like this:

[Image: 10707982.jpg]

U see the difference now? As u see the logo is transparent and the container has his bg-image or bg-color whatever. But I want only the logo transparent like in the last scree...

How can I do such modification?
Quote:U understand now?
^ from the above tone, it appears that you are an expert yourself Smile please forgive me..
(2011-06-30, 07:38 AM)ranjani Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:U understand now?
^ from the above tone, it appears that you are an expert yourself Smile please forgive me..

I edited my post.. please look at the screens.
the color element you are referring is for the foreground color (eg. for the text)
background can be defined as transparent and it should work on most browsers

 #container {
    width: 950px;
    background: url(images/black/parchment_tile.jpg) repeat scroll left top transparent;
U still dont understand what I would like to have..... the logo is not a text.. its an image..I just give an example. I already showed the screens....

The div container include also the header logo... I dont want a background color on my header logo like in the last screen... how can I do that?

If U cant help me with that please someone else give me an advice or a little code where can I modify my header to not be included with div container...
No one ? ;/ omg