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Full Version: Just GFX - Where Designers Unite
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Site Name: Just GFX
Site URL: <snip>
Description: We are proud to announce the latest graphics forum, Just GFX! Just GFX is a newly developed forum in which designers from all over the web can come and discuss what they love to do most, design graphics. We are a friendly community and accept all sorts of designer with different designing styles. Discuss various things related to graphics in our wide range of forums and even get help from our community if you need help or inspiration for a certain graphics design. So what are you waiting for designers? Come share your work and knowledge with our community today!
Your Name on the Board: Jay
really good job dear
Nice job, i think the Logo should be blue and a little better effect :]
Lovely description and nicely setup forum. GL
Logo is letting it down.
Also, the graphics section should be above the lounge imo.
For some reason I can scroll to the right for a long time. You need to fix that.
Thanks for the spot, I contacted the theme designers. Now just awaiting a reply.

Our members have made a total of 129 posts in 53 threads.
We currently have 14 members registered.
Please welcome our newest member, Felipe Tuer
Nice work Dynamik.
Why thank you fluffy, really do appreciate it. Smile
Great job Dy.namik ! And I am Dark Phantom from Just GFX.
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