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Full Version: Group php script
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Can anybody code me a script & tell me how to use it.
The script should be something like :

If you navigate to that, I want it to give this info :
UserID :
Usertitle :
Group :
Postcount :
The most important is group atm.

Thanks in advance
I don't think this is in any way related to MyBB. Correct me if i was wrong.
I know, I posted it wrong, I think
Can somebody move it to here :
someone ?
How much are you going to pay?
You do know that all of that information is available in a user's profile, right?
This is for a visual basic program, a loader.
I need it as simple as possible, not in a user profile, it's to hard to get.
& I pay nothing :s
Could be improved, but this is the general idea.

define("IN_MYBB", 1);
require_once "./global.php";

if($mybb->input['uid']) {

$user = get_user(intval($mybb->input['uid']));

echo $user['usergroup'];


(2011-07-07, 08:55 PM)SergeMorel Wrote: [ -> ]& I pay nothing :s


Gives me : "4"

I made userinfo.php & inserted your text & uploaded it to my root folder.
btw, can you do it with username please?
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