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Thanks for all your answers.

@iDude: Thanks for the explenation. I was not familiar with that expression.

@Simon S: the background image on the top right corner does have a gradient (see here). Or did you mean something else?
It's good that you didn't find the menu at first glance Wink, that's the point. It has to be as unconspicuous as possible.

@fizz: I really can't see how it is low quality. But on the other hand my monitor is quite old. I will get a new one soon and recheck it.

@fea: You are absolutly right. I was just lazy by not adding a second logo link Wink Have changed that. Now "Republik Gemedeth" is clickable.

Is the Pegasus logo better now?

EDIT: Nobody answered my question yet:
Quote:which impresion you get when looking at it.
Is it OK for a simulation taking place in the 20ies to 40ies?
@Harest I'm not really good at giving specifics about layout + color etc

but I can show you this instead.

this one is your current logo:
[Image: rXVzS.png]

this is how it will look with my sample:
[Image: m8sBE.png]

maybe you can make a gradient in between the samples,
the gradient on my sample image makes it more noticeable that it is a clickable image, my sample doesn't fit well with your layout thats why i dont recommend it. you can probably make a better one than me.

Quote:which impresion you get when looking at it.
Is it OK for a simulation taking place in the 20ies to 40ies?
It's like I'm reading a report folder for soldiers in the 40's.
(although, I don't see guns.)
Ok, so this is my last attempt.
If it's still not good, i simply will have to live with it.
[Image: logo.png]

And of course thank you for answering my question. Now i can rest in peace Wink
For your endurance and patience you shall get some reputation.

You're really, very talented!

If ever you endeavor to craft an English-speaking board or are willing to partner with ideas, let me know!

It's very fitting for the time period. For me, the only issues are in the content of the board itself. Joining, rules, etc.

Very nicely made, though. You've paid a lot of attention to little details.
Thanks Big Grin
But as you can see, there is not much action going on yet. Quite unfortunately for the project i'm more interessted in making themes Wink

Right now i'm working on a Steampunk theme for another virtual nation.
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