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Full Version: Need Mods & Smods
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Hello there, I need some moderators and Super moderators to my new Swedish support board.

Click Here!

I'll fix a .se or .com adress later this week, and i hope i gets some new members that can help me.

lol, the link goes to your Admin might want to change that. :p
Thanks DrPoodle Big Grin
Everyone knows which is the ACP link. Toungue

Or.. can it be changed somewhere?
it can be changed if u change the name of the directory, also, u will need to change the link on all the part that take u to the Admin Cp
I don't think you can change it on createmybb Smile
Damn Sad then i need to creat a new one then :p
It doesn't matter, I think. Nobody can hack it, though.
ill be a super moderator on it