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Full Version: [Paid] Custom MyBB theme
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I'm looking for a designer that would be ready to design and code a custom theme for me. My current* budget is $70.

For more information please contact me via PM or MSN (andraz[at]svizy[dot]net).

*May be increased if I get more resources to my account.
Bump, still looking for a designer/coder that would design and code an custom theme.
Send you a PM.
Added you on MSN
Added you on MSN, my msn is [email protected]
I can create theme mockup, I use gimp and i'm buying photoshop soon, my skills have improved much, my latest work is , and soon I will be releasing other mockup.

I don't code themes, but I can create you a mockup for you to give to a coder to code.

I create custom mockup for as low as 20 USD.
Don't you design pretty decent your self?

I can design pretty high quality stuff, but I'm not the best coder.
(07-12-2011, 03:25 AM)Alex H. Wrote: [ -> ]Don't you design pretty decent your self?
I'm a designer myself, but whichever design I make for my own project I end up changing it within few weeks and/or I don't like it at all - that's why I always hire 3rd person to design/code it for me.

(07-12-2011, 01:28 AM)Mr.tnr Wrote: [ -> ]I create custom mockup for as low as 20 USD.
Sorry, not interested at all.

@People who added me on MSN; I've added you all and waiting for your contact.
We can do this for you. Smile (You know what I'm talking about).
I've spoken to Jordan and the deal is still open, since we didn't came to a conclusion that would fit both Smile

Looking for a designer that would take on this project...again Confused