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Full Version: My Graphics forum!
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Hello there again mates!

I just wanted to tell that i made a graphica forum! Big Grin

[Image: Graphicsfans.png]

Please became a member we need you!!

We are in need of moderators too! and tutors!!!1111oneoneone
We're going to make Skins and Themes to maybe, and we need some Php Scripters etc, so please sign up on the forum if you are intrested!
Kool a graphics forum im in ill try and get mod to Smile
i found this funny Toungue is a graphic forum but doesnt have a theme Big Grin
we've started in yesterday, and if you takes alook can yuo see that we have started on banned and new buttons etc
mmm maybe on another theme, i see the default mybb
Yes i know we are using that theme..we are going to change soon.