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Full Version: My Two Bulletin Boards
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My First Mybb Website -

I'm using mybb to drive a Linux distribution community project site. I used to use e107 but found it to be a coding and bug nightmare. I needed something robust as a forum yet with the ability to have a portal page with synopsis announcements...enter mybb. Since I found it (after stumbling onto UseBB, someone mentioned mybb is far better. I agree) I haven't looked back.

I have portal redirect so you won't be able to see the index unless you click on it. I've also got coppermine stable bridged right now since we are getting ready to vote for a new logo for PCLinuxOS...but the gallery is shut down currently.

I have many nifty plugins installed and 1 custom smiley pack. I also have made custom images for it (the nav panel images are from a GPL icon pack from believe it is Crystal XT, though I can't remember)...especially for groups. I'm using groups to be project groups so that we can drive production on various community projects. Thus far, the site is a success.

My favorite plugin so far has got to be the download manager; very nice.

The plugins installed are:

Portal Redirect
Download Manager
Welcome Message
Attachment Icons
Thread Descriptions (very nice as well...this is a must)
Easy Adv. Banner
Secondary Group Image

My Second Mybb Website -

This install is a bit more customized. I had to give it a look and feel of my base blog so I hacked the colors to match as best as I could and took an SVG icon to scale a larger graphic for the top banner. I have no plugins on this board as I don't really need them...I use this to help people with tips and tricks I post in my blog so it doesn't need to be fancy...just basic.

Let me know what you think! Thanks for making a great product! I'll be a forum haunt for quite some time now...and hopefully will get good enough with coding that I can give back!