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Full Version: PHP in template
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Not sure where to ask this, but I'm looking to add PHP code into my forums.

It queries my game server and reports how many players are online. I'm not sure where I can put this code (I've tried in the header template but that broke things).

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks! Smile
For using PHP in templates you need this plugin:
(2011-07-14, 11:38 PM)Sama34 Wrote: [ -> ]For using PHP in templates you need this plugin:

I actually looked into this prior to posting this (sorry for not mentioning). It seems that plug-in does not appear in my "Plugins" section in the AdminCP after uploading it to the inc/plugins folder like any other plugin would. Reading through that messy forum I can't seem to locate any fix for it either :/
Not sure why the plugin's not working for you, but your best bet at getting help is talking directly to zinga about that, maybe post on his support forums.
You have to upload the phptpl.php file into the ./inc/plugins/ directory.
Ah it's okay. I'll just ditch this request heh. Can't be arsed to sign up on a bunch of forums. This is in my opinion MyBB's only weakness :\ Thanks anyways guys Smile
MyBBHacks plugins are free to download.

You don't need even to register there Undecided? (the only forum I know that works that way)