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Full Version: Threads on Front Page
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Ok, I will try to explain this with pictures...

[Image: OHyMs.png]

Do you understand what I want? How can I do this?
No need to edit massive templates,but just a .htaccess edit Smile

Just put this as first line in htaccess

DirectoryIndex /forumdisplay.php?fid=X

where X is the forum ID u wanna show on index Smile
Hmmm, Still not quite sure what to do... is it the htaaccess in my ftp? Can you make a mini tut for me XD
.htaccess is a file in ur cpanel.
first look for it make a back up and then edit it Smile
if still its not found have a copy of it from the mybb installation.

now make a text file with the above code and save it as .htaccess and upload it into your root directory Smile