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I think that it would be great if MyBB 2.0 came with a gallery instead of having a separate plugin. I think it would be great and useful for all (or most) forum owners. Instead of them having to register and upload pictures and videos on another site, why not have it on their own forum?

When a user uploads photos or videos to their gallery, they could get a direct link, [img] codes, and you can set titles and leave comments.

I think this would be super helpful to all forum owners.

Thank you!

~ Savannah
MyBB is a forum software, a gallery is more suitable as a plugin.
I understand what you're saying but I still think that a gallery would be very useful to some forum owners. Plugins sometimes may not install right, or your cPanel may mess up on something... plus- some plugins don't actually "work" for some forums. (Might be a German or French plugin for all that I know!) It just seems that it would be more reliable if it just came on MyBB already, or just as an uninstalled plugin in the Administration Control Panel.

In my personal opinion, I would say that if there are 2 plugins- one made by me and another made by MyBB... the one made by MyBB would be more reliable.

This is just my opinion though, so... Yeah.

Thank you!

~ Savannah
Following your logic though savannah would mean every feature should be core.
A forum software should have features that most of the forums (or almost all of them) need. A Gallery... i never used it, and most of the forums don't use it.
So, it should stay as plugin and not in default MyBB install.
almost every forum I belong to has a gallery. its totally dependent on the audience and niche. as most forums i use are auto related, everyone wants to show off their rides.

graphics forums want to share their artwork, etc.

as long as the plugin is awesome i would use it, otherwise i would love a built in system. if not built in, at least consider the possible methods a plugin author would use and make MyBB simpler/smarter to help that person out.
Of the hundreds of forums I've registered on only 1 has a gallery and I never use it and never see myself using it. However I do see the need for a plugin because there are a few niches that do use galleries.
Even tho I really need a Gallery for MyBB but I agree with most of you, it should stay as a plugin, and so the shoutbox and other things Smile
MyBB is not a social netowrk software. Not everyone has a gallery. I don't.
You want a gallery, Are you willing to shell out on expensive hosting to host all these images. ?
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