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Full Version: Rate custom theme
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Rate the custom theme please
Thank you!
I am not a fan of the gray background and pink text. Overall I don't think your color choices go with each other.
I did not make it someone else did and its not pink its red?
The forum titles are definately pink..
It looks red to me. It looks okay.... but, I wouldn't sign up.
Few suggestions.
1) Make the text more dark. It looks like pink for me too.
2) The on, off, offlock icons are totally different from each other. Its not a good way to customize it.
3) The collapse_on and collapse off icons are different from each other.
4) In the Red bar below the header, for each logo, menu items, its showing a colored line. Remove those lines.
It's a converted vbulletin theme? Do you have permission?

EDIT: I read copyright and it's not really custom is it? Also the link to doesn't work.
In my monitor theme look not good enough, And I do not like color mixing (grey and pink) Smile