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Full Version: Selling forum and domain VERY cheap
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Hello everyone I am currently selling my forum and its domain together cheap. Yes it does use myBB and has a few members with a custom theme along with 7 other themes installed and like a lot of plugins some even premium. It is found <snip>

Check it out and make a offer if you want it payments with AlertPay and PayPal
97 posts, doubt anyone will buy.
Ok and it also comes a domain and stuff
I bid $1.

- I don't like the theme, I wouldn't use it.
- Only 16 of your 53 members have posted.
I bid $2
Why do you have 2 threads?
That's my question.
Where did you get the theme?
(07-15-2011, 06:05 PM)itheme Wrote: [ -> ]Where did you get the theme?
The only thing of value is the domain so does it really matter haha?

I'll pay $5 for the domain.
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