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Full Version: Tag some user and get notification being taged
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Okay so i thinked about this, and i tryed to look around is there some idea like this but i didn't found it.

My idea is like this:

You can tag some member in some post and he get's notification you tagged him. Something like on Facebook.

I think this is one really good thing because members will know when they are talking about them and maybe some important things so they dont need to use private message to tell them to see what is happening.

This is just my idea let me see does any one more like it and does any one have some idea what to add etc Smile


Also i think this maybe could be maked like plugin so if someone want to make that would be great Smile
MyBB is NOT a socail network. This would be a plugin.
I didn't mean it like to make it to be social network. This is just to help people to get help, to know important thigs etc... Smile

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