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Full Version: disallow mods to see IP's
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I don't want to allow moderators to see user's IP.
But if I give them acess to mod's CP - they can see IP's there. And it seems that there is no way to disable this feature for mod CP.

I want only supermods or only admins can see IP's.
If I have many themes installed on my forum I must edit them all... this is not good method, but thanks you anyway.
You can use this plugin:

Disallow access to:
File: modcp.php Action: ipsearch (Optional)
File: modcp.php Action: Find (required) (I think this word depends on your board language, but not sure)

You can edit templates if you want, but you don't need to.
Thnx Sama34! I'll try it!)
Is there any way to hide admin IP from mods and supermods?
It uses theme's template editing. If I have many themes it's not a good way)
That is the only edit I know ^^U