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What is Forum Source?
Forum Source is your one stop for all things forum, we are a community in which forum owners and forum goers can connect with each other to share ideas, tools, tips, tutorials, themes, plugins, even general chatter and much much more! Whether you're an experienced webmaster / forum owner or someone who's just getting started, Forum Source is the right place for you. Extremely helpful and informational articles and tutorials are posted every day to help others excel in their preferred forum software along with themes to spice up your forum, plugins to add more functionality, tools to help you manage it, and tips to help you succeed! We don't limit ourselves to only forums however, there are areas of the forum to discuss general webmaster goodies such as search engine optimization (SEO), marketing and tons more!

About Forum Source
Forum Source was a project that started on July 26, 2010. I started this project because I wanted to start a web development type forum, but one that I was passionate about. Ever since I really started getting on the internet, I've been a forum... well, tangerine, or addict. Because of this, I decided to start Forum Source, a forum in which addicts and owners like myself could come to chat about the various type of forum software on the internet, popular, or not. Version one of Forum Source was IP.Board, my personal favorite, but it ended up falling through as no one showed interest to it. Just recently I decided to start it up again whether it sparked the interest of anyone, or just sat here, dead. Even if there's no activity I plan on posting juicy content for anyone who might visit the community to read. I plan on posting all of my ideas and endeavors and helping other people succeed as a forum owner or addict, the ins and outs of the forum world.

Our Plans For Forum Source
We have huge plans for Forum Source and hope it goes very far. Eventually we plan on branching out and creating a full blown blog as well as resource area in which users may download all of the things we, or others create and submit. Our blog will have all of the latest happenings around the forum world for all of the different forum software out there. Aside from these plans and goals, our number one goal is to create a friendly environment and community for people to simply enjoy. We want our users to feel at home and to feel as if they can keep coming back to have a great time online.

Want To Help?
I can't do this all by myself, so I'll need some help. Want to be that help? I'm currently looking for theme developers, plugin coders, tool creators, and pretty much anything you can think of. If you're advanced in any of these areas, feel free to contact me, simply send me a private message on Forum Source and I'll give you more information on how you can join the team. This will be voluntary work, though as we make money, whether it be from ads or premium downloads, you will be paid according to how much you've done. I hope to see plenty of people showing interest in working with Forum Source!

Get Posting!
We hope to see you there!
You forums theme is simple and clean. I checked it out and I wish you the best of luck. I probably won't become an active member of the community since I'm dedicated to a scripts website currently.
Your logo is awesome. And the theme is simple and good as Koz said.
And try to change tcat color and table border to some grey ones. It would look even better in my opinion.
Why is SMF and phpBB in the same forums?

(07-26-2011, 12:51 PM)kavin Wrote: [ -> ]Your logo is awesome. And the theme is simple and good as Koz said.
And try to change tcat color and table border to some grey ones. It would look even better in my opinion.

Thanks for the comment Kavin!

And hm, I might change them to a shade of gray but I thought I should keep a little hint of blue to add a little color to the forum. If I get some more feedback on how it looks I'll probably change it to a light gray.
Updated, Forum Source is nearing 500 posts which is our first official goal!

Help us get there by registering an account and being active. Smile

We also have a new theme, please check it out and give us feedback.
Your forum looks good! Might join later. Good luck with the forum Insidious.

That method is fraudulent. Blz Konto is banking.
Bug fix:

Add to global.css:
* {margin:0;}
(08-01-2011, 05:13 AM)Jason L. Wrote: [ -> ]Bug fix:

Add to global.css:
* {margin:0;}

Wow, thanks so much Jason! I've been looking for a fix everywhere and luckily you helped. Smile

@Malcom, I'll be sure to close that thread immediately.

By the way, we've released our default theme and have also created a green version of it. Check it out here - - I'll be releasing it here at MyBB as well, once I get all of the colors in the series finished. Hurray!
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