field_exists('modnotice', "posts") && $db->field_exists('modedituid', "posts") && $db->field_exists('modedittime', "posts")) { return true; } return false; } function remove_modnotice() { global $db; $db->delete_query("templates", "title='postbit_moderator_edit'"); $db->delete_query("templates", "title='editpost_moderate'"); $db->delete_query("templates", "title='postbit_moderator_notice'"); $db->delete_query("settinggroups", "name='modnotice'"); $db->delete_query("settings", "name='modnotice_pm'"); $db->write_query("ALTER TABLE `".TABLE_PREFIX."posts` DROP `modnotice` ,DROP `modedituid` ,DROP `modedittime`"); if(modnotice_is_installed2()) { return "Nějaký problém"; }else{ return "All items and records of ModNotice Plus are removed from database."; } } ?> ModNotice Plus Remover

ModNotice Plus Remover

input['do_remove']) { echo remove_modnotice(); } else { ?>

Do you want remove all items and records of ModNotice Plus from database?

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