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Projects in Admin Control Panel

A fully to MyBB 1.8 adapted version of Sebastian Wunderlichs plugin "PageManager" with some new features.

19 Stars 3,846 Downloads Updated 2022-02-24, 01:36 PM

Lists the threads that were active (posted to at least once) during a given period.

7 Stars 518 Downloads Updated 2022-02-12, 07:13 AM

Provides easy viewing of Error Log

5 Stars 356 Downloads Updated 2022-02-06, 04:51 PM

Cloudboard is a plugin that changes the look of the Admin Panel and adds some useful stuff. .

2 Stars 364 Downloads Updated 2021-10-30, 05:30 PM

Logs who downloads attachments.

3 Stars 1,505 Download Updated 2021-10-04, 09:16 AM

This plugin allows you set which groups can't execute certain actions and/or view certain files.

9 Stars 1,802 Download Updated 2021-10-04, 09:07 AM

Count someone's posts since a certain date.

6 Stars 1,089 Download Updated 2021-10-04, 09:06 AM

Allows admins to make certain users' IP disappear from the logs.

6 Stars 1,523 Download Updated 2021-10-04, 09:05 AM

This plugin adds the possibility to use HTML in posts.

15 Stars 5,882 Downloads Updated 2021-10-04, 09:03 AM

A medal system for MyBB. Medals once assigned show up in posts and on member profiles.

3 Stars 227 Downloads Updated 2021-09-01, 02:38 PM

This keeps a record of a users IP history as they use the website. This is useful for auditing fraud/ban evaders/general/when people start using VPNS/Proxys during their user activity. It can record every instance of a users IP when it changes

19 Stars 2,309 Downloads Updated 2021-08-11, 09:04 PM

Adds a log of all thread ratings viewable in the Admin CP.

4 Stars 620 Downloads Updated 2021-06-30, 09:19 PM

Adds a task to your board that deletes thread/forum subscriptions from inactive threads/forums.

1 Star 354 Downloads Updated 2021-06-29, 11:08 PM

Logs all failed attempts to log into an account.

3 Stars 1,698 Download Updated 2021-06-28, 11:18 PM

Allows you to prune old threads from specific forums.

5 Stars 449 Downloads Updated 2021-06-27, 11:44 PM

Allows Administrators to view Private Messages sent on their board.

24 Stars 7,721 Downloads Updated 2021-06-27, 09:00 PM

Adds four additional forum options for control over avatar, signature, quick reply display and post reputation in forums.

2 Stars 1,314 Download Updated 2021-06-22, 11:28 PM

This Plugin will include the Google Analytics API and Google Universal Analytics (v4) API.

15 Stars 6,032 Downloads Updated 2021-05-06, 09:47 PM

Purges soft deleted posts and threads automatically

2 Stars 466 Downloads Updated 2021-02-19, 07:09 PM

Enhance your theming workflow with an all-in-one suite.

37 Stars 3,831 Downloads Updated 2020-10-29, 08:48 AM