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Projects in Admin Control Panel

This will allow Administrators to force a username change on a user

0 Stars 74 Downloads Updated 2020-07-18, 09:08 PM

Automatically resolves authorization mismatch errors on older MyBB themes.

4 Stars 162 Downloads Updated 2020-10-26, 01:53 AM

A plugin for MyBB that allows you to view and delete the error logs of the member and admin area directly in ACP. | Ein Plugin für MyBB, mit dem Sie die Fehlerprotokolle des Mitglieder- und Admin-Bereichs direkt im ACP einsehen und löschen können.

0 Stars 42 Downloads Updated 2020-11-18, 02:24 PM

A plugin for MyBB, with which the personal data of the users can be created according to GDPR and sent via PN. | Ein Plugin für MyBB, mit dem die persönlichen Daten der User gemäß DSGVO erstellt und via PN zugesandt werden können.

0 Stars 71 Downloads Updated 2020-11-20, 06:56 AM

Star Wars Galaxies Authentication for MyBB

0 Stars 15 Downloads Updated 2020-04-11, 05:42 PM

Logs all no permission errors. They can be viewed in Admin CP under Tools & Maintenance

0 Stars 25 Downloads Updated 2021-01-11, 05:28 PM

This plugin validates and block unwanted emails from signing up using MailboxValidator API service.

0 Stars 55 Downloads Updated 2020-05-29, 09:00 AM

Allows theme change using a link

1 Star 44 Downloads Updated 2020-07-20, 07:58 AM

This plugin will restrict Super Administrators to changing members usergroup.

1 Star 20 Downloads Updated 2020-07-18, 08:17 PM

Clean up (a bit) your ACP

4 Stars 1,217 Download Updated 2014-08-15, 09:18 AM

Count someone's posts since a certain date.

6 Stars 1,029 Download Updated 2020-04-26, 12:28 PM

Allows admins to make certain users' IP disappear from the logs.

6 Stars 1,418 Download Updated 2020-04-26, 12:28 PM

This plugin allows you set which groups can't execute certain actions and/or view certain files.

9 Stars 1,697 Download Updated 2020-04-26, 12:27 PM

Logs who downloads attachments.

3 Stars 1,387 Download Updated 2020-04-26, 12:27 PM

This Mod of Search Engine Spiders can add to your site

2 Stars 1,011 Download Updated 2014-11-09, 02:30 PM

Automatic Active User Post After X Post In Forums that need Admin Active post

1 Star 368 Downloads Updated 2021-01-11, 06:09 PM

Records all referers that are sent along to your board in the header

4 Stars 972 Downloads Updated 2019-08-18, 11:43 PM

Allows you to create custom variables

1 Star 485 Downloads Updated 2015-02-05, 06:51 PM

Supplements ADMIN_IP_SEGMENTS (a constant in admin/index.php) by performing an exact match of the entire IP address.

1 Star 275 Downloads Updated 2015-03-13, 04:55 PM

Restricts moderator and/or administrator account access to specific IP addresses.

2 Stars 320 Downloads Updated 2015-03-13, 04:52 PM