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Projects in Admin Control Panel

Provides Additional Database Methods

3 Stars 105 Downloads Updated 2018-02-09, 04:38 AM

Provides easy viewing of Error Log

3 Stars 237 Downloads Updated 2018-02-01, 08:05 PM

login to forum with free phone app && qrcode

2 Stars 477 Downloads Updated 2017-12-22, 12:50 PM

The plugin adds the ability to display the status of users on TS3 and displays the list of users (screenshots).

1 Star 1,084 Download Updated 2017-12-18, 06:30 PM

This plugin adds special, restricted pages.

5 Stars 796 Downloads Updated 2017-08-03, 03:21 PM

Lightweight AJAX chat, modified by Rainbow Fresh.

2 Stars 624 Downloads Updated 2017-05-24, 09:54 AM

An extension that adds a file manager in Admin CP

9 Stars 2,770 Downloads Updated 2020-10-06, 07:28 PM

Creates a fake/imitation Admin CP login page to prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access.

6 Stars 873 Downloads Updated 2017-05-19, 08:47 AM

MyBB 1.8 plugin to replace specific words in post messages with links.

8 Stars 394 Downloads Updated 2017-04-08, 06:34 PM

Easily check permissions of users

8 Stars 1,542 Download Updated 2017-03-09, 10:58 PM

Allows you to import .zip plugin archives directly and have the files extracted to their correct locations automatically.

21 Stars 7,523 Downloads Updated 2017-02-12, 09:22 PM

adds a new section in the AdminCP that checks for additional files and folders in the board directory.

1 Star 213 Downloads Updated 2019-01-08, 08:06 AM

Simple MyBB 1.8 plugin to add a promotion option to push inactive forum user into another user group.

3 Stars 510 Downloads Updated 2017-02-11, 08:26 PM

Apply permissions to specific users instead of just usergroups.

6 Stars 1,031 Download Updated 2017-01-29, 07:29 PM

Simple plugin which automatically checks for old read/unread PMs and deletes them automatically + optimizes forum tables in MyBB automatically.

7 Stars 883 Downloads Updated 2021-01-01, 04:08 PM

Checks the users ip address on login and only allows logging into an admin account from an ip from the admin ips whitelist.

2 Stars 380 Downloads Updated 2017-03-24, 12:12 AM

If you create a user in the Admin CP, this will email them their account details so they can login.

1 Star 586 Downloads Updated 2016-10-15, 06:49 PM

This Plugin Notifies Site Owner When Important Things Happen In Forums

2 Stars 526 Downloads Updated 2016-11-16, 04:02 PM

Sort usergroups by priority, highest priority group will be the primary group

2 Stars 278 Downloads Updated 2016-06-08, 11:50 AM

Helps with finding and cleaning faulty PHP files that have BOM or redundant whitespace and may cause MyBB problems such as broken captcha image.

5 Stars 540 Downloads Updated 2015-12-28, 12:34 AM