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Projects in Third Party Integration

A plugin to integrate Facebook with MyBB, letting users login and register through Facebook.

30 Stars 20,318 Downloads Updated 2020-08-09, 09:07 AM

Build a buzzing community using our responsive, customizable chat plugin with multiple chat rooms. Sign up for free and get going.

8 Stars 6,659 Downloads Updated 2019-07-23, 05:29 PM

Displays manageable and easily customizable sideboxes

27 Stars 6,460 Downloads Updated 2019-09-07, 03:01 PM

This Plugin will include the Google Analytics API and Google Universal Analytics (v4) API.

15 Stars 6,073 Downloads Updated 2021-05-06, 09:47 PM

Social Login is professionally developed and free myBB module that allows your users to register and login to your myBB forum using their existing accounts from 35+ Social Networks.

21 Stars 5,116 Downloads Updated 2020-01-20, 10:03 AM

This plugin adds a drag & drop zone allowing to upload pictures to

16 Stars 4,010 Downloads Updated 2021-04-16, 11:05 AM

Allows you to create sharing links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

9 Stars 3,638 Downloads Updated 2021-06-29, 05:08 PM

A plugin to integrate Twitter with MyBB, letting users login and register through Twitter.

10 Stars 3,581 Downloads Updated 2019-01-23, 07:55 AM

Adds a Discord invite link along with server stats to the board index page.

7 Stars 2,592 Downloads Updated 2020-07-02, 08:40 AM

Push info about new threads and posts to Discord using webhooks

19 Stars 2,427 Downloads Updated 2018-06-10, 10:41 PM

Accept Online/Offline Donations through Payza, 2checkout, PayPal, Western Union and Bank/Wire transfer.

9 Stars 1,752 Download Updated 2018-09-23, 09:47 AM

FancyBox JavaScript library for presenting images in a fancy way. Fully responsive, touch-enabled and customizable

10 Stars 1,555 Download Updated 2021-04-04, 09:02 AM

MyBB Simple Social Login / Registration Plugin Using OAuth2

15 Stars 1,318 Download Updated 2021-02-16, 08:01 PM

Automatically send messages to your Discord channels when a user does something!

5 Stars 1,274 Download Updated 2017-05-05, 08:22 AM

AddThis Social Sharing and Analytics Widget for MyBB

1 Star 1,073 Download Updated 2019-11-06, 07:29 AM

Let's forum users have private live chat with each other

2 Stars 967 Downloads Updated 2021-01-27, 03:27 PM

sync forum groups to TS3 groups

2 Stars 966 Downloads Updated 2016-08-02, 09:27 PM

Fully customizable Twitter update feed using Twitter API

5 Stars 921 Downloads Updated 2015-11-23, 02:39 AM

Adds Chat Window to every page of MyBB Forum.

3 Stars 896 Downloads Updated 2021-01-28, 09:17 AM

Lets you login to MyBB with your Minecraft account.

1 Star 873 Downloads Updated 2016-05-24, 09:52 PM