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Projects in Third Party Integration

Display live cryptocurrency prices with the use of API.

3 Stars 559 Downloads Updated 2019-12-08, 06:11 PM

Social Login is professionally developed and free myBB module that allows your users to register and login to your myBB forum using their existing accounts from 35+ Social Networks.

21 Stars 5,116 Downloads Updated 2020-01-20, 10:03 AM

Displays manageable and easily customizable sideboxes

27 Stars 6,460 Downloads Updated 2019-09-07, 03:01 PM

Adds Steam account details to the user's postbit in threads.

1 Star 318 Downloads Updated 2019-08-02, 09:00 AM

A plugin to integrate Twitter with MyBB, letting users login and register through Twitter.

10 Stars 3,581 Downloads Updated 2019-01-23, 07:55 AM

AdultLink Url Shortener (

1 Star 126 Downloads Updated 2019-01-12, 12:20 AM

[MyAwards] Grant awards to users when they reach a specific achievement

5 Stars 444 Downloads Updated 2018-12-31, 06:52 PM

[OUGC] Grant awards to users when they reach a specific achievement

4 Stars 643 Downloads Updated 2018-12-31, 06:49 PM

Store modified to be stable in version 1.8.x of mybb and translated into Spanish maintaining the language that came by default (English)

0 Stars 145 Downloads Updated 2018-10-07, 02:31 AM

Accept Online/Offline Donations through Payza, 2checkout, PayPal, Western Union and Bank/Wire transfer.

9 Stars 1,752 Download Updated 2018-09-23, 09:47 AM

A plugin that lets you add social icons with links to your forum along with additional features.

2 Stars 451 Downloads Updated 2018-07-31, 04:24 PM

Push info about new threads and posts to Discord using webhooks

19 Stars 2,427 Downloads Updated 2018-06-10, 10:41 PM

Build a buzzing community using our responsive, customizable chat plugin with multiple chat rooms. Sign up for free and get going.

8 Stars 6,659 Downloads Updated 2019-07-23, 05:29 PM

Users get specific PM after replying to a thread.

3 Stars 156 Downloads Updated 2018-12-31, 06:48 PM

This plugin allows you to set a daily goal for your forums. Types of goal are : New users - Active users - Posts - Threads

2 Stars 322 Downloads Updated 2018-12-31, 06:48 PM

My Images Upload is a very simple alternative to attachment mod

0 Stars 340 Downloads Updated 2018-04-19, 12:33 AM

login to forum with free phone app && qrcode

2 Stars 532 Downloads Updated 2017-12-22, 12:50 PM

Shows Folder Information on Private Message Page

4 Stars 160 Downloads Updated 2017-10-14, 01:36 AM

Mybb is written with the Do not Go plugin and dontgo.js to adapt to Mybb forums.

0 Stars 58 Downloads Updated 2017-08-28, 02:23 PM

Automatically send messages to your Discord channels when a user does something!

5 Stars 1,274 Download Updated 2017-05-05, 08:22 AM