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Create and customize reputation bars

1 Star 28 Downloads Updated 2021-01-09, 03:16 PM

Thank You/Like System for MyBB with MyAlerts and Tapatalk support

60 Stars 20,514 Downloads Updated 2021-01-07, 08:38 AM

Gives users the ability to Display an item from their Shop Inventory as an extension to their username.

3 Stars 103 Downloads Updated 2021-01-01, 09:31 PM

Let it snow

13 Stars 2,753 Downloads Updated 2020-12-20, 08:28 PM

Forbid url in post, signature and website for new users

4 Stars 193 Downloads Updated 2020-11-18, 04:25 PM

Allow administrators to create custom profile fields categories.

4 Stars 98 Downloads Updated 2020-09-18, 05:13 AM

Creates a new page on MyBB showing the user map

7 Stars 541 Downloads Updated 2020-09-07, 01:30 PM

A MyBB Native Extension to Support Information Administration. Aims to implement main policies introduced by the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

11 Stars 491 Downloads Updated 2020-07-29, 03:34 PM

The plugin allows you to send automated messages (also known as autoresponders) after you have received a message. The plugin works with the normal private message system and its settings.

3 Stars 220 Downloads Updated 2020-07-17, 08:13 PM

Advanced Invitation System to replace MyBB's own referral system.

6 Stars 1,358 Download Updated 2020-07-05, 11:23 PM

A very primitive MyBB plugin for showing Open Graph metas for various forum modules.

1 Star 87 Downloads Updated 2020-05-07, 07:44 AM

Show additional usergroup images in profile and postbit.

8 Stars 3,381 Downloads Updated 2020-04-29, 09:35 PM

Allow users to mark private messages as unread.

2 Stars 308 Downloads Updated 2020-04-29, 08:33 PM

Allow administrators to select custom table fields to consider for group promotions.

2 Stars 59 Downloads Updated 2020-04-26, 12:06 AM

Plugin to automatically prune inactive members

0 Stars 84 Downloads Updated 2020-04-09, 09:25 PM

Allow moderators to manage avatar uploads/updates.

2 Stars 464 Downloads Updated 2020-04-03, 12:29 AM

Adds a powerful awards system to you community.

31 Stars 8,919 Downloads Updated 2020-04-02, 09:29 AM

Show in the postbit, member profile, member list, the time of user service based on their registration date.

4 Stars 509 Downloads Updated 2020-03-30, 04:34 PM

Allow users to see how many posts they or another user have posted in each forum.

1 Star 142 Downloads Updated 2020-06-19, 06:46 PM

Allows accepting and declining friend requests directly in the sent private message (PN).

2 Stars 159 Downloads Updated 2020-06-21, 05:00 PM