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Projects in User Profiles

Show an overview of latest user threads or posts in profiles.

0 Stars 1 Download Updated 7 hours ago

Is a simple but powerful integration of Discord Webhook API where you can customize and insert as many Webhooks as you want and customize the output!

4 Stars 315 Downloads Updated 2023-08-16, 11:08 AM

Thank You/Like System for MyBB with MyAlerts and Tapatalk support

69 Stars 24,574 Downloads Updated 2023-08-06, 08:57 AM

Simple MyBB 1.8 plugin to add a box into user profile that shows the profile visitors

9 Stars 2,029 Downloads Updated 2023-01-19, 11:16 AM

Simple MyBB plugin to create a thread on post reports

6 Stars 417 Downloads Updated 2023-01-16, 10:02 PM

A plugin to identify and manage users that have gone inactive.

5 Stars 213 Downloads Updated 2022-10-05, 03:04 PM

[MyAwards] Grant awards to users when they reach a specific achievement

6 Stars 617 Downloads Updated 2022-10-04, 08:11 PM

[OUGC] Grant awards to users when they reach a specific achievement

6 Stars 751 Downloads Updated 2022-10-04, 08:11 PM

This plugin allow users to put their favorite song's link in their profile to play.

14 Stars 7,020 Downloads Updated 2022-09-21, 03:58 PM

A MyBB Native Extension to Support Information Administration. Aims to implement main policies introduced by the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

22 Stars 1,051 Download Updated 2021-11-05, 03:33 PM

Assigns a Gravatar's randomly-generated abstract as an avatar on signup.

12 Stars 2,955 Downloads Updated 2022-09-17, 11:10 AM

Certain groups can leave a reply to reputation given to them.

3 Stars 493 Downloads Updated 2021-10-04, 09:17 AM

A medal system for MyBB. Medals once assigned show up in posts and on member profiles.

7 Stars 415 Downloads Updated 2021-09-01, 02:38 PM

Authenticate users against an LDAP server and automatically provision them to the MyBB user database.

2 Stars 862 Downloads Updated 2021-08-16, 08:35 PM

This keeps a record of a users IP history as they use the website. This is useful for auditing fraud/ban evaders/general/when people start using VPNS/Proxys during their user activity. It can record every instance of a users IP when it changes

22 Stars 2,679 Downloads Updated 2021-08-11, 09:04 PM

Allows accepting and declining friend requests directly in the sent private message (PN).

6 Stars 400 Downloads Updated 2021-08-08, 11:20 AM

Allows you to moderate username changes, limit username changes in a specific time period, and log all username changes.

22 Stars 3,904 Downloads Updated 2021-07-02, 07:07 PM

Allows users to upload a picture that will be displayed in their profile.

13 Stars 4,578 Downloads Updated 2021-06-27, 10:27 PM

Adds an avatar gallery to your board.

26 Stars 7,554 Downloads Updated 2021-06-23, 05:28 PM

Gives users the ability to Display an item from their Shop Inventory as an extension to their username.

12 Stars 768 Downloads Updated 2021-05-12, 05:44 PM