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Projects in Security

Hide administrator's location from the Who Is Online (WOL) list.

0 Stars 158 Downloads Updated 2024-01-14, 12:11 AM

This Plugin will include the Google Analytics 4 API.

16 Stars 6,665 Downloads Updated 2024-01-08, 07:57 PM

RT Chat Is a modern and responsive MyBB chat plugin which utilizes MyBB cache system when retrieving messages via ajax. For high performance and no database queries, you can speed up ajax requests to even 1-2 seconds per request for better message sync.

8 Stars 599 Downloads Updated 2023-08-16, 11:42 AM

Max power, all-in-one, no Captcha, premium anti-spam plugin. No comment spam, no registration spam.

5 Stars 1,724 Download Updated 2023-07-04, 12:57 PM

Provides easy viewing of Error Log

5 Stars 631 Downloads Updated 2023-06-06, 10:43 AM

RT Camo Proxy is a plugin which camouflages images inside posts and prevent 3rd-party image hosting obtaining visitors IP addresses. Instead your server will get image and serve it directly (and ask browser to cache it).

0 Stars 98 Downloads Updated 2023-05-29, 11:38 AM

RT Extended Cache is a plugin that extends the native MyBB cache handler with additional functionalities to simplify the work of both users and developers.

6 Stars 194 Downloads Updated 2023-05-20, 03:56 PM

RT Disposable Mails is a plugin which checks an external API to retrieve filtered spam mails and saves them into cache. Then check based on settings if user can login/register

4 Stars 93 Downloads Updated 2023-05-20, 03:28 PM

Simple MyBB plugin to create a thread on post reports

7 Stars 435 Downloads Updated 2023-01-16, 10:02 PM

MyBB 1.8 Plugin to add a privacy policy agreement checkbox into form on contact page.

1 Star 117 Downloads Updated 2022-12-28, 10:33 AM

Filters and forwards user-generated content from insecure protocols (non-HTTPS).

30 Stars 4,983 Downloads Updated 2022-12-12, 03:03 PM

Upgrades the password hash algorithm and converts old passwords on the fly.

17 Stars 1,264 Download Updated 2022-09-17, 11:09 AM

A MyBB Native Extension to Support Information Administration. Aims to implement main policies introduced by the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

22 Stars 1,093 Download Updated 2021-11-05, 03:33 PM

User can only register using invite code.

5 Stars 1,393 Download Updated 2021-10-23, 10:37 AM

Authenticate users against an LDAP server and automatically provision them to the MyBB user database.

2 Stars 875 Downloads Updated 2021-08-16, 08:35 PM

This keeps a record of a users IP history as they use the website. This is useful for auditing fraud/ban evaders/general/when people start using VPNS/Proxys during their user activity. It can record every instance of a users IP when it changes

22 Stars 2,736 Downloads Updated 2021-08-11, 09:04 PM

Allows users to see a detailed history of their last logged in IPs

2 Stars 367 Downloads Updated 2020-10-16, 03:24 PM

Automate the control over the visitors of your MyBB site

6 Stars 632 Downloads Updated 2021-01-07, 08:45 AM

Blocks 7831 known anonymous, disposable, or spam email providers or services. This is the newest version of the plugin. Please feel free to suggest more blacklsited email providers.

6 Stars 1,211 Download Updated 2020-01-13, 11:55 AM

Checks registration IP against a list of known proxy/VPNs. If detected the user is blocked from registering.

7 Stars 698 Downloads Updated 2019-08-01, 12:15 PM