Giving your forum an entirely new look and feel is easy — just download one of these great themes! There are even themes for the admin control panel.

Projects in Light

A basic upgraded version of the stock theme.

8 Stars 1,479 Download Updated 2017-09-30, 09:25 PM

A fresh looking admin control panel

1 Star 467 Downloads Updated 2021-03-27, 02:21 PM

Just simple theme without many custom, just only some and very responsive

2 Stars 452 Downloads Updated 2017-08-24, 02:20 PM

Just another theme based on default theme

1 Star 768 Downloads Updated 2020-05-11, 12:27 PM

A theme for the admin control panel, inspired by the MyBB Community forum theme.

0 Stars 106 Downloads Updated 2022-01-22, 07:55 PM

theme update for Mybb 1.8.x

1 Star 271 Downloads Updated 2021-03-30, 03:10 AM